Grace Reviews

"A great, friendly church. We have felt we belonged from the first service we attended." - Amy W.

"We love this church! The church is very welcoming and friendly! We were comfortable immediately! Enjoy the services! Filled with worship and praise and the sermons are always Christ centered and relevant! A true blessing in our life!" - Tammy S.

"I love this church, they welcome everyone with open arms. Glad my daughter and friend got me to start going." - Phyllis W.

"Great people.. very friendly, excellent youth program. The Pastor and his wife are very kind, and greeted us with open arms. They are like normal people, and treated us as equals." -Laura L

"This church is my home ! everyone represents the love of christ." -Danielle W.

"The love of God and of the people in this church charges my batteries to go out and deal with the trials of the every day leaving!" - Marvy P.

"Great community. Place you can truly belong." -Jordan P.

"Great people and great community. Where Christ is truly the center." - Charles W.

"Best place to grow closer to God. Kind and friendly people make it so easy to feel comfortable and a part of a family. Also, many opportunities to serve and join a variety of groups." - Hayley A.

"It's been a challenging transition but finding a home Church where you can see God moving through his people had made it just thay much easier on the family. I'm truly grateful to be part of this church family. Thank you for mamij g us feel welcome from day one!" - Michelle